Who has taken the furniture?

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On 2 and 3 May, students and employees had the opportunity to take away furniture from the convent. It was very busy and a lot of furniture was taken away. Insight interviewed several employees and students. Breda Nu made a video.

Wesley (student IGAD): “The service in our student house bites the dust every now and then, so I came here to find some replacements. Yesterday I took two nice tables and a super 8 projector.”
Alice Docters van Leeuwen (AfT): “I am taking two jigsaw puzzles. They are not for myself.”






Peter (student IGAD, front): “This table is for our yard.”


Mirjam van Dueren den Hollander (AFL): “I took chairs for the children, one chair for every child.”






Breda Nu made a video (in Dutch).

Source: Marketing and Communication Office

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