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‘Values of the arts; doing the right thing’ is the title of the next Studium Generale lecture, by professor Arjo Klamer. This lecture is organised by the Academy for Leisure, in cooperation with Chassé Theater. It will take place on 20 April from 11:30 to 13:00 hrs, in the Van Dijnsen foyer in Chassé Theater. A free lunch is included.

What is the value of the arts? Is it the intrinsic quality of a painting or the number of visitors of an exhibition, play, film or concert that count? Or should we take the societal and political impact of art into consideration? These are complex questions with no easy answers. When are you or is your organisation ‘doing the right thing’?

Arjo Klamer tries to formulate a value-based approach to economics in its broadest sense. This approach starts from the premise that economic life is about the realisation of values. It will generate several new insights such as the notion of shared goods, the realisation of values in different spheres and the reinterpretation of concepts like richness and poverty.  It makes way for a substantive approach to life rather than the instrumentalist approach that currently prevails. This approach is applicable in all kinds of situations in the professional and cultural world, so also to the world of arts. Klamer claims that the value-based approach is more practical than the main  body of standard economics, at least when a good life and a good society are what we strive for.

Arjo Klamer is Professor in the Economics of Art and Culture at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

You can find more information about the lecture, and a registration form, on the website.

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