Visit the NHTV Startup Festival 2017

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On Wednesday 17 May the NHTV Startup Festival will take place in De Avenue in Breda. This event was previously known as the NHTV Entrepreneurship Awards. It is organised for NHTV students who are thinking about starting their own startup, or for students who already own a startup. 

Tickets are available here

During this evening all contestants will have the opportunity to present their idea or startup at the marketplace. Eight nominees are invited on stage to show the jury and the audience why they have the best creative concept. The awards for “Best Startup” and “Best Idea” will be awarded live on stage and the winners will receive a special prize. 

19:30         Marketplace
20:30         Award show
22:00         Party!

Party Line-up

DJ ZIFIRON | Mike Schreuders | Bart de Roos  

Nominated for best startup

  • Disco Juggler – Disco Juggler, the newest sensation of live entertainment from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, performs his unique live act regularly at club nights and festivals. This 21-year-old talented performer knows how to interact with his audience and entertain them with trendy shows they have never seen before. He already shared the stage with DJs like Robin Schulz, Afrojack and Oliver Heldens and has travelled to more than fifteen countries.
  • Vinity Events – Vinity Events provides exclusive DJ shows at events. They deliver not only professional DJs, but also carefully assembled packages.
  • Mooijman! – Mooijman! is an online media agency that specialises in developing and producing branded content and advising companies in their online marketing. Mooijman! is experienced in reaching a young audience through the use of different online media with the emphasis on online video in the form of branded content for YouTube.
  • Jouw PakketjeJouw Pakketje makes gift packages full of delicious bites and drink(s). These combinations are based on taste, experience and themes. If you don’t know what to give to someone, their packages are the solution. Each package has its own theme. This way you can find the package that suits the person you’d like to surprise.

Nominated for best idea

  • Couprun – Couprun is an app that motivates people to exercise. Various products and services are offered with a discount or for free in the app. The only thing you must do to earn the discount or free product, is to complete the challenge within the time limit. The challenge is to run a certain distance within a certain time. A full list of the categories Couprun intends to offer in the app: vacations, day trips, food, clothing and accessories, electronics, beauty, hotels and restaurants, sport and free time, shoes, music, film and games.
  • Chronicling Ink – Chronicling Ink is a publishing company that will publish biographies and autobiographies of the many great African men and women. As the company grows, the scope of the services will be stretched to producing documentaries of the individuals.
  • To The Max Entertainment – Talent Meets Talent is the development stage for hip hop talent. They develop talent from the attic to large stages and festivals. The ideal mix between education and entertainment offers hip hop talent a development that has never happened before.
  • Van boer tot bord / from farm to table – van Boer tot Bord, the provider of interactive cycling routes through North Drenthe, where cycling becomes an experience! With a recipe as a route, ride along different farms, where you collect your own ingredients, try your local beer and start your own preparations to prepare a delicious dinner!

Do you want to see who wins “NHTV Best Startup 2017” or “NHTV Startup Best Business Idea”? Come join us and get your free tickets now!

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