Visit the NHTV Entrepreneurship Award 2016!

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On Thursday 26 May, NHTV is organising the Entrepreneurship Award for the third time.Entrepreneurship award 2016

What is the NHTV Entrepreneurship Award?
The event offers entrepreneurial students a competitive platform to present their start-up business or business idea to a jury of professionals and an audience of students, alumni and entrepreneurs. The best NHTV Entrepreneur and the best NHTV Business Idea will be chosen and will receive the Entrepreneurship Award.

Why should you visit?

  • To get inspired
  • To vote for the best start-up business idea
  • To get in touch with entrepreneurs
  • Overall to have a fun afternoon!

Register here to visit the NHTV Entrepreneurship Award 2016

Date: 26 May 2016

Location: NHTV, Sibeliuslaan 13, Breda

For more information, please send an email to

See you 26 May!

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