“Top school at loggerheads with Dutch government”

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In an interview with Trouw (a Dutch daily), Hein van Oorschot talked about the ambition of turning NHTV into an internationally renowned university, and how government regulations are stifling this ambition.Hein van oorschot

The President of the Executive Board is proud of NHTV’s good rankings, but he is also worried: can NHTV retain its quality levels and international position? More internationalisation, more academically oriented education and research, higher quality; that is what NHTV needs. But the Dutch Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science is not helping here. “To be a top school, we need leeway from the government,” Hein van Oorschot says. “It is strange that the law gives us that leeway, but that we are actually being punished for our initiatives.”

You can read the whole interview (in Dutch) here.

Source: Executive Board

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2 comments on ““Top school at loggerheads with Dutch government””

  1. Geurt

    Jammer dat de TDM Masters niet wordt genoemd

    • Menno

      Er worden er wel meer niet genoemd Geurt. Is dat dan ‘jammer’?

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