Three interactive presentations about Implementation

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On 1 March 2016 the third edition of the Open Your Mind Sessions took place. During these sessions students from the Master in Imagineering present academic books which they have studied. The subject of this edition was ‘Implementation’.

Profit & Purpose (Kyle Westaway)Insight-img-2925 The message of the first book is: “Mixing profit and purpose is not a trend, it is the future of business”. Although this way of thinking is not new, it is precisely now that it is important to have a story behind a product or a business. In the book seven aspects are discussed which are of importance.

For putting these aspects into practice the students had prepared a case which was dealt with by the group enthusiastically: “How can McDonald’s create extra value?”. The answers were different, but boiled down to the same thing: McDonald’s has an identity and shouldn’t be searching for new products to create extra value, but has to use its products for telling a story.

Insight-img-2957Leadership is half the story (Marc Hurwitz & Samantha Hurwitz)
The second presentation concerned the book: “Leadership is half the story”. The presentation started with a short fun film in which someone completely let himself go at a festival. Initially he was alone, until someone imitated him, and then another and then another. This made him the leader of the group, and this short film clearly demonstrated what the writers of the book wish to convey: a leader cannot be a leader without followers.

From research it appears that 80% of work is carried out in a team. But teams change, and the leadership of a team also changes. For this reason it is important to be able to be both a leader, as well as a follower. Or as the writers describe it: leadership = partnership.

To clarify this, teams of two were created. These persons had to both demonstrate leadership in a dance as well as follow it but this was not done at agreed moments. At such moments it became clear how difficult it was to pass on the leadership to someone else if you are always used to being the leader and vice versa.

Insight-img-2970Work Rules (Laszlo Bock)
After a brief break in which everyone had something to eat and drink, the last presentation took place about the book “Work Rules”. In this book the insights by Google are described. So co-creating & autonomy, meaning making, non-linear management approach, generative projects, design thinking, fundamental mind and behavioural change are important for enabling a team to present itself to the optimum.

The work rules were also discussed. One of these rules is: Pay unfairly. The discussion quickly developed, after the students asked who agreed with payment in line with the quality of what a team member supplied, and thus with unequal remuneration. All of this took place in a fine atmosphere in which everyone was able to put forward his or her point of view.

The third edition of the Open Your Mind Sessions was nice, with well-prepared students, interactive presentations and scope for discussions.

Click here for all the pictures of the event.

Source: NHTV Insight Student News Team

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