The new student portal is here!

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On Wednesday, 31 January, student portal 2.0 will be released. You can reach it via To login you can use your existing credentials. The new portal is based on student feedback we received before and during the development process. It is a portal that is customisable, to provide a personal digital work environment. It includes important news and events and gives you access to a set of applications, your grades and study progress.

When you open the new portal for the first time you will be asked to provide extra security information. This is to enable a new feature that makes it possible to reset your password when you have forgotten it. For detailed instructions visit the IM&ICT Faq page.

The old student portal is still available, for now!
If you do not wish to fill out these questions just yet or you run into issues, do not worry, you can still reach the current student portal via However, this portal will be shut down after the new version of N@tschool has launched. So in due time you will have to work with the new student portal. We will keep you informed.

If you have any questions please contact the IM&ICT Office via the ServiceDesk (, 0765332233 or just walk by).

Source: IM&ICT Office

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