The future of sustainable energy provision

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On 10 October, Sustainability Day, Jan Willem van Hoogstraten will talk about the future of sustainable energy provision. He is the CEO of EBN (Energie Beheer Nederland / Energy Management the Netherlands).

One very important sustainability question is: how should we reduce our environmental footprint, without losing out on providing cost-effective, reliable and sustainable energy to all people? The increase of living standards all over the globe and the current concerns about the impact of climate change on the planet make the search for an answer to this question more urgent than ever before. Which actions should be taken on political, societal, business and scientific levels? Which technologies could be implemented in order to secure sustainable energy in future? These questions will be addressed by Mr Jan Willem van Hoogstraten.

This speech promises to be very interesting. It is a theme that touches everyone of us. So don’t miss out and register on the website!

About Jan Willem van Hoogstraten and EBN
Mr Jan Willem van Hoogstraten has been appointed by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs as CEO of EBN in 2016. He studied Mining engineering and Petroleum Extraction at TU Delft. Afterwards he worked in the energy sector for several oil and gas companies. Before he took on his current position, he successively worked as project director at Gas Storage Bergermeer and as managing director at TAQA in the Netherlands. He was also president of NOGEPA, the Dutch umbrella organisation for oil and gas producers.

EBN’s vision is to invest ‘in the exploration, extraction and storage of gas and oil on behalf of the Dutch State. EBN serves a public interest: contributing to an independent, reliable power supply in the Netherlands. In EBN’s vision, natural gas can play an important role during the energy transition on the way to a sustainable and CO2 neutral energy future’. At the end of 2016 the institute published a ‘Masterplan Decommisioning and Re-use’, which communicates how the offshore Dutch oil and gas extraction could be dismantled and possibly recycled/re-used.

Source: Studium Generale

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