“The energy transition will have a major impact”

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During his Sustainability Day lecture, Jan Willem van Hoogstraten talked about the transition from fossil energy to renewable energy.

“The energy transition of the next 30 years will be the largest transformation since the Industrial Revolution, and it’s going to have a major impact on our lives.” Right from the start, Jan Willem van Hoogstraten, CEO of Energie Beheer Nederland (Energy Management in the Netherlands), captivated the attention of his audience. About 35 students and employees attended his lecture “Our energy system and the subsurface”.

After an introduction to his organisation, he talked about energy consumption and energy sources. In a number of slides he showed how Dutch households, mobility, agriculture, industry and electricity use several kinds of energy. The Netherlands has a 38% gas dependence, and we produce this gas ourselves. Whereas in the past we produced almost twice as much gas as we used ourselves, our gas balance in the future will be negative.

So what are the alternatives to heating our homes? Jan Willem van Hoogstraten proposed geothermal energy. But this requires us to really make an effort.

He tested the knowledge of the audience with an interactive quiz, and answered lots of questions. Questions about various subjects, like: what we can do ourselves, the role of president Trump, electric cars, the consequences of global warming for the lower parts of the Netherlands and for the world, the drawbacks of land-based wind energy, and how building wind turbines at sea are giving fish headaches.

Source: Studium Generale

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