The Creative Lab presents the Lab Talks 2017

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Lab talks will be an evening full of inspirational talks from four professionals from the media and gaming industry. There will also be time for you to ask questions and have a chat with them over drinks. As always at the end you will have to chance to share your ideas during the one minute wonders!

1. Matthijs Van de Laar – Game Developer at Twirlbound, IGAD graduate
2. Hans-Peter Van Velthoven – Music Photographer (MUSE)
3. Wilco Boode – Social VR / Cradle team
4. Ruud Oomens – PR at Ubisoft

Free entrance
When: 16 March
Location: Upstairs Popocatepetl
Doors open: 18:30

Start: 19:00

For more information please go to the Facebook event page of Creative Lab Talks! 

Source: Creative Lab

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