SV Xenia III lustrum

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On 30 May 2002 our student association Xenia, was founded by six students of NHTV Academy of Hotel Management. Now, 15 years later we can look back on the amazing years we have had. During these 15 years our association has established its name in Breda. To celebrate this we will throw lots of Lustrum party’s this year.

The theme of our lustrum is IV TEMPUS which means four seasons in Latin. This is because we will celebrate our Lustrum a year long till May 2018. Through these four seasons we will organise many more parties and activities.

We would like to invite all students of Breda to come on 17 May to kick off this special year with a huge Opening Party in Café Dunne! The theme of this party will be Spring -fons-, so expect our Café Dunne to be changed into a flowery, cute and festive Café. Most important: Happy Hour until 22.30, beer €1.40 & wine €1,60. More deals will follow so put yourself on ‘present’ in our Facebook event to not miss out!

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