Students lunch with the Executive Board

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This year, students who participated in the National Student Survey (Nationale Studenten Enquete, NSE) had the chance to win a lunch with the Executive Board.  Lunch EB NSE 1

The luncheon offered a chance for students to talk to the Executive Board about what is going well at NHTV and where improvement is needed. The event took place last Thursday. Seven students were treated to a delicious lunch and conversation with Hein van Oorschot and Nico van Os about their experiences as students at NHTV. All the academies were represented.

A lively conversation about the experiences of NHTV students soon followed. The problems caused by miscommunication were considered. For instance, students sometimes receive different instructions from lecturers and sometimes different feedback on assignments.

The Executive Board said they found it remarkable that satisfaction levels for the student sport facilities are so low every year. Students, however, found nothing strange about it. Some of the students at the lunch had never even heard of the BRESS student sport club. The rest were not aware that BRESS was connected with the NHTV in any way. For the Executive Board, this was an eye-opener. The link between NHTV and BRESS must certainly be made clearer.

When the subject of student housing in Breda came up, the students got a peek into the work of the Executive Board. Students said that it was hard to find affordable accommodation in Breda. One of the students asked if NHTV could do anything about it. Nico van Os explained that NHTV cannot spend any money on student housing, but that he does regularly have meetings with the municipality and housing corporations to ask for their attention on the issue. NHTV students also shared their thoughts on the Easy Street student campus.

Students had a lot to say about the work placement offices where they can find possible internships. Guidance during international work placement has a lot of room for improvement. It is more difficult for students abroad to stay in contact with lecturers.

Fortunately, in addition to critical points the students also talked about the positive points they’ve experienced while studying at NHTV. The students consider the real-life assignments as part of their studies to be a very important advantage. In comparison with students at other universities of applied sciences, they are very positive about this aspect. Because these real-life assignments involve working with a real outside contractor, students are much more motivated to do their best. If you find out later that the contractor has taken your plan and put it in action, that’s the best of all.

In addition to these points, testing also came up, as well as assessment by fellow students in group work, student work spaces, binding recommendations regarding the continuation of studies, and coffee machines. A lot of topics were covered! The Executive Board greatly appreciated hearing these background stories behind the NSE results. The experiences of students bring the figures to life. The Executive Board was also pleased to note that the topics the students wanted to discuss during the luncheon corresponded with the points for improvement that NHTV had decided on as a result of the survey results. NHTV wants to devote extra attention to preparation for work placement, work spaces and communication. All academies were also asked to bring any additional academy-specific points for improvement.

Source: Executive Board

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