Student satisfaction with ICT services

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The Service Level Report IM&ICT shows customer satisfaction with the applications, network access and workplace ICT devices. This was measured from January to August 2016.

Students rated applications with ‘good’ (7.2). Application availability has a satisfactory of 99.8% on average. In general students are satisfied with the use of the applications. There is however room for improvement with N@tschool. That is why the Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility (SLM) and the IM&ICT Office started an investigation on how to improve the satisfaction regarding N@tschool. Participating are the students and employees of SLM, Strategy, Education and Research Office and IM&ICT. Other academies are also investigating this issue. 

Network access
Student satisfaction on WiFi is now structurally on a high level: it is rated as ‘very good’ (7.6). Instruction videos on how to get faster WiFi can be found here.

Workplace ICT devices
Students rated the support of WiFi and computers as ‘very good’ (7.9). 90% of all cases are solved within the promised time, and 95% of the laptops and pc’s is younger than five years.

Source: IM&ICT


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