Student Portal Improvements

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Improvements and changes were made on the student portal from 16 to 20 November. We want to shortly explain a few changes.250x250ICT

  • The ‘Grades webpart’ has a new language button to change the language of the grades. You are able to see the difference in Grades now, such as an F in English stands for Fail, but an F in Dutch stands for Fraud. The default language is English.
  • Layout issues with the Roster webpart are resolved
  • The search section on the right of every page, was not working well along with the password reset on the personal page. Therefor we removed the search section from the personal page. You can still search in the library from the study, academy or NHTV pages.
  • A pop-up showed in Internet Explorer 11 is removed. The settings in the vulnerability check were set to tide.

After these changes, we have one more day planned to make the student portal better for you! We hope you have not experienced too much inconvenience.

When is the next maintenance?
In week 50, on Monday 4 December.

  • We are tyring to improve a new Roster webpart.
  • Research in a password forget e-mail on the login page of the student portal.

What services are affected?
During this maintenance, there are one or more temporary interruptions to the Student Portal. It should be able to use the Student Portal during the maintenance.

If you have questions about this maintenance, please contact

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