Should ‘hogescholen’ be called ‘Universities of Applied Sciences’ or ‘Universities’?

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Minister Bussemaker has sent a bill to the Dutch Lower House with the proposal  of translating the Dutch term of ‘hogeschool’ as ‘university of applied sciences’ in English.  However, a majority in the Lower House thinks this may be confusing abroad.Hop3

The Minister wants to better protect the names ‘universiteit’ and ‘hogeschool’. She has introduced a bill in the Lower Chamber that records which institutes may use these names. This bill also states the English translation of these names: a hogeschool is translated as ‘university of applied science’.

Last week, in a written question round, three political parties (PvdA, CDA and VVD) have expressed their concern about the translation of ‘hogeschool’. These three parties represent a majority in the Lower Chamber. They are concerned that the unfamiliarity with ‘university of applied science’ abroad will harm the competitive position of Dutch institutes, or that this translation may be misleading.

Read more in this Dutch article.

The opinion of these three parties is similar to the opinion of Hein van Oorschot, who discussed this subject in several interviews. One of these interviews was with the Higher Education Press Agency (in Dutch).

The debate with the Minister will follow later.

Source: HOP

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