Registration at municipality, birth certificate and change of address

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How does it work?PJO Breda

When studying in the Netherlands it is mandatory to register at the municipality of Breda. It is important to know which documents are regulated so that you can start you application in time.

1. Check which documents you need to bring with you to the municipality:

  • valid passport or valid identity card and (if applicable) those of your child or children
  • original birth certificate of all those to be registered (authenticated or with apostil) Note: Issued not older than 3 years! (unless a birth certificate in your country is only issued once)
  • declaration by main occupant(Verklaring inwoning), housing permit(Verhuurdersverklaring), rental contract (“Huurcontract”) or sales contract (“Koopcontract”)
  • If you are not an EU citizen, you must also register at the IND (all Non-EU students will be contacted by Student Office)

Birth certificate
A birth certificate can normally be obtained from the population register in your city/region. Start early as it may take quite some time to obtain the document concerned. The birth certificate has to be legalized. Do you want to know which countries can issue an apostille? Please click on this link.

2. Make an appointment at the municipality

You need to make an appointment: click here to make an appointment
If the website does not show a calendar please click on the Dutch sentence: Start het formulier opnieuw which means refresh page.

3. Go to the Town Hall with all your documents and have yourself registered

How to get to the Town Hall of Breda

4. Moving to another address or finished with your study period?

Change your address
It is very important and it is your own responsibility to keep your data updated at all times. If you register yourself at the municipality do not forget to change your address in Studielink. All NHTV information will be sent to that address. About your address at the municipality database : all government offices make use of these data. Information regarding renewal of your residence permit (Non EU students) will be sent to the address included in the municipal register. If you need to change your address you have to visit the Town hall and fill in a ‘change of address’ form.

You are obliged to sign out with the municipal register when you plan to leave Breda permanently. Incoming exchange students will receive a deregistration form during their check out meeting.

Source: Student Office

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