Qualtrics live!

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Qualtrics is available for all NHTV students and employees!Qualtrics

As we published on Insight last year the project Qualtrics has been delayed because there were some legal and technical issues. We are happy to report that the problems are solved on Single Sign On: the NHTV credentials can be used for login.

You can find Qualtrics in the Citrix-environment by clicking on All Programs, _NHTV@Work, General, Qualtrics.

If not through Citrix, than click here.

Explore possibilities and Online training
If you want to explore the possibilities of Quatrics, take a look at their site: view a sample survey.

There is also Qualtrics University where you can find Online training programs and learn Qualtrics in 5 steps or search for a topic.

Source: IM&ICT

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