Parking and opening hours at Mgr. Hopmansstraat during the Festival Week

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This week the NHTV Festival Week will take place. We would like to give you the last information about parking and opening hours. Please read with care.

At the Mgr. Hopmansstraat location several parking restrictions are in order during the NHTV Festival Week. From 5 May onwards it is not possible to park at the upper level parking space next to the H-building. This due to the set up of the festival tent. From 8 May onwards parking at the Mgr. Hopmansstraat is limited. This due to the events we are hosting. On 11 and 12 May it is not possible to use the parking at Mgr. Hopmansstraat at all. It is also restricted to park in the neighbourhood around NHTV. Parking controls will be carried out during these days.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We hope that everyone finds a solution during these two exceptional days.

Opening hours N- and H-building
During the Festival Week reduced opening hours are in order. On 11 May the N-building will be closed at 16:00 hrs and the H-building at 15:00 hrs. On Friday 12 May the N-building will be closed at 15:00 hrs and the H-building at 14:00 hrs.

We hope everyone has a fantastic Festival Week and we would like to welcome you during the student party.

If you have any questions please mail to

Source: Team NHTV Festival Week

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