Paid parking at Archimedesstraat

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The City of Breda has decided to introduce paid parking in a number of streets, including Archimedesstraat, with effect from Saturday 1 October next. By doing so, they want to deter rail passengers who currently park in the area for free.250x250Archimedestraat_AfL

Fortunately, NHTV has a large car park, allowing us to keep parking free of charge at our AfL location. Still, it may happen – at some times during the week – that these parking spaces are all taken. To park your car in the street, you will have to pay from Monday up to and including Friday between 09:00 and 20:00, and on Saturday between 09:00 and 18:00. Parking costs are €1.30 per hour and the maximum duration of parking is 3 hours. The first 15 minutes are free.

For students and staff of NHTV, loaner bikes will be available to travel to and from the various NHTV locations. These loaner bikes can be reserved at the ServiceDesk or via the SelfServiceDesk (the ‘Travel/Transport’ tile, and then the ‘Borrowing a bicycle’ tile).

Free parking in the official disabled parking space in front of the main entrance of the A-building will still be possible, of course, if you have a valid disabled parking permit.

At the moment, the term for the objection procedure is in effect. NHTV will use this opportunity to file an objection against the city council’s decision, but the council has decided not to wait until the term has expired.

Source: Accommodation, Facilities and Planning Office

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