One night only

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Forget pre-drinking at home and head to Cafe Nassau, because we have a great night planned out for you and an after party with great DJ’s!

This is not just like any other student party. Instead of drinking at home like any student would do, come join us in Café Nassau, were we will start your night off with a few chilled drinks (or seven) and some great live music and keep you going until the party is banging with a great DJ till 04.00 hrs. For one night only there will be exclusive drink deals, live music and entertainment (!) and a massive party to keep you going till the early hours. Starting at 21.00 hrs we will slowly increase the tempo of the night.

Drinks deals include, first 200 beers for €1.20 and cocktails for €5,- till 00.00 hrs. So take out your calendar and mark 14 December! We will see you all then!! Check our Facebook page for the line-up.

Location: Cafe Nassau Breda
Time: 21:00 – 04:00
Date: 14 December

Source: Minor co-creating event and designing guest experiences

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