Old trees make way for new ones

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During the Autumn holiday, the makeover of the campus grounds has started. To create an optimal green environment, old trees make way for new ones. We took great care in our plans to cut down trees during this holiday to minimise the inconvenience.

A green campus
The designers of the new, green NHTV Campus gave a lot of attention to the details in the so-called plan of trees (‘bomenplan’ in Dutch).

The underlying idea of the plan is creating a good balance between evergreen and deciduous trees. In this way our new campus will also be green in winter. Furthermore, as many as indigenous (native) plants and trees will be used in a great diversity, in order to create the highest possible ecological value (just think of inflorescence, insects, birds).

As few trees as possible will be cut down or removed. Trees that have been or will be cut down especially are alders (elzen), birches (berken) and poplars (populieren), which were/are in a bad state. Furthermore, a number of ashes (essen) on the convent grounds will be cut down because of illness. At a later stage, a number of lime trees (lindes), plane-trees (platanen) and oak trees (eiken) will be moved to another place at our campus. These species can be moved easily.

In the upcoming week(s), the construction work at the convent will become more visible. Bouwbedrijf Mertens will start creating a passageway between the northern and southern part of the building. This will become the new entrance of the convent and the whole campus.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the project team via campus@nhtv.nl.

Source: NHTV Campus Project Team

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