NHTV takes action for 3FM Serious Request

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During the last week before Christmas, the Glass House will be constructed on the Grote Markt for the second time to attract attention to a silent disaster. This year, pneumonia is the disaster. From 18 up to 24 December Breda will be completely focused on the theme of 3FM Serious Request and all the activities which will be organised in this context.  serious-request-nhtv

In 2008 the Glass House was also situated in Breda. NHTV made an impressive contribution to that edition, the year in which funds were raised for the refugee problems. Visitors were welcomed at the Grote Markt and were given a glimpse into a refugee’s world by means of a ‘run, live through, and give’ experience. In that year too, all initiatives were submitted via NHTV, which is the current ‘Kom in actie’ page of 3FM. 

In 2008 we raised no less than €50,040 with our initiatives, this year we aim for a higher amount. Will you help us?

Current projects at NHTV
Students of Academy for Leisure, Digital Entertainment, and Hotel & Facility Management have already started on the development and execution of several small and larger initiatives and campaigns, such as: 

  • Santa Run Breda
  • Themed initiatives in two squares in Breda
  • Campaign for and with NHTV employees 
  • Video mapping in Breda
  • Filming experiences of families affected by pneumonia 
  • Developing a 3FM SR 2016 Game
  • Expanding the ‘Cheque Box’ donations 
  • Glass Restaurant

Keep a close eye on this page for any new NHTV campaigns or initiatives and other updates.  Are you a student or employee and do you have a wonderful, fun, small or large initiative? Please submit your idea for 3FM Serious Request via the special NHTV page.

Click “Start een actie” and make your own ‘actiepagina’ for your initiative. On this ‘actiepagina’, you can easily present updates, both in terms of text and images. This way, NHTV and 3FM Serious Request will know what’s happening with your initiatives. In the week of 18 till 24 December we will choose a date and time to offer the NHTV cheque.

Good luck!

Source: Academy for Leisure

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1 comment on “NHTV takes action for 3FM Serious Request”

  1. Renaat

    Great charity,
    Also a student group in the course Management & Leadership @International Hotel Management organises an tasteful Event with a funfactor
    “Pannenkoekenfeest + loterij” at primary school St. Joseph in Breda.

    Please have a look a feel free to sponsor their event.
    website: https://kominactie.3fm.nl/actie/pannenkoekenfeest-loterij

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