NHTV students win Reiswerk Awards

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During the ‘Reiswerk Studenten Challenge’ in Marrakech, Tourism student Sebastiaan van Kemenade won the Talent Award. The Reiswerk Team Award was for the team with NHTV students Maaike Theuws and Inez Schoenmakers.

Sixty excellent students were in Marrakech for the sixth edition of the ‘Reiswerk Studenten Challenge’. They had to develop an innovative concept for a travel company. The students also discovered the city with the Reiswerk game. A team with two NHTV students won this game.

The judges awarded Sebastiaan van Kemenade the ‘Talent of the Year’. The next year, he is Reiswerk ambassador and he will visit the ANVR conference in Sevilla.

Read more in this Dutch article on the Reiswerk website.

Source: Academy for Tourism

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