NHTV student in Student of the Year 2013

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The annual competition Student of the Year has started again, and this year a NHTV Tourism student is participating.

The 20 year old Kirsten Verwoerd subscribed for this competition between students from all over the country to become THE student of 2012. Besides the glory there are some pretty exiting prices to win, such as a holiday, a debating workshop and a tablet. To get into the next round of the competition Kirsten will have to become one of the 12 best students, and you can help her with that!

Vote for her¬†and press ‘stem op Kirsten’. This won’t take long, but it helps a lot.

Voting can be done on a daily base, so if you see the opportunity to dedicate 20 seconds of your day to 2 clicks this will be appreciated really much! Help Kirsten to promote the NHTV.

Source: Academy for Tourism

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