NHTV student games dominate Dutch Game Awards

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Eight out of nine nominations for students games at the Dutch Game Awards 2017 are for NHTV. The winners will be announced on 6 October.

44 games have been nominated in 14 categories. The three student categories are dominated by NHTV. In these categories, eight out of nine nominated games are made by NHTV student teams. The Red Stare is nominated in all three student categories, while Einar is nominated in two categories.

“The changes in NHTV’s curriculum have led to a stronger representation in the past few years,” the organisation writes on the Awards website.

These are all nominated games in the student categories:

Best Student Game Design

  • Defend Your Friend – Frenemies – NHTV
  • Pool Party Panic – Outlaws Studio – Hogeschool Rotterdam
  • The Red Stare – Play:D – NHTV

Best Student Art Direction

  • Einar – DreamPunks – NHTV
  • The Automatician – DreamPunks – NHTV
  • The Red Stare – Play:D – NHTV

Best Student Technical Achievement

  • Einar – DreamPunks – NHTV
  • Bolt Storm – Kuality Games – NHTV
  • The Red Stare – Play:D – NHTV

You can find more information about the Dutch Game Awards 2017 and a list of all nominated games on this website (in Dutch).

Source: Academy for Digital Entertainment

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