NHTV launches Bike PRINT

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NHTV is going to launch the first online cycle network analysis toolkit named Bike PRINT on 25 September 2014. This toolkit can be used to analyse measured cycling behaviour and the effect of intended bicycle measures. On the basis of the outcome of Bike PRINT, policymakers can take measures that have been quantitatively substantiated that make bicycle policy more effective and bicycle-friendly.Ons-Brabant-Fietst-vignet-rgb_300dpi

Use of Bike PRINT

Bike PRINT translates GPS data of bicycle movements in clear bicycle policy information. The GPS data are collected, for example, via GPS Smart phone apps. The results of Bike PRINT are clear insights into, among other things, network speeds, waiting times at traffic lights, detour factors and traffic volumes. Also, insight can meanwhile be provided into the effect of the bicycle network being adapted and extended. As a result, traffic policymakers can optimise infrastructure on the basis of measured bicycle data. The system has been set up in such a way that it can be directly implemented both nationally and internationally. Policymakers and consultancy agencies can consult policy information with the aid of an online analysis toolkit, but they themselves can also carry out analyses of bicycle use in the region.

Innovative link

With the development of Bike PRINT, a new innovative link between research and bicycle policy will be made available. Bike PRINT is in line with tools for interactive planning such as the mobility scan and the accessibility map. It responds to policymakers’ need for knowledge in the field of cycling, and supports the design of policy and implementation of bicycle policy. It translates GPS data of bicycle movements into policy-relevant information and gives users a detailed picture of actual bicycle use, network quality and bicycle potency (accessibility). Furthermore, effects of concrete measures can be predicted by means of Bike PRINT.

North Brabant: bicycle province No. 1

The Netherlands is internationally renowned as the ultimate bicycle country. On a national level, bicycle traffic policy ambitions remain high without abatement. People from various government levels are working actively to further promoting bicycle use. The province of North Brabant wants to be the No.1 bicycle province of the Netherlands in 2020. To this purpose, investments will be made to optimise bicycle facilities, and knowledge innovation in the field of bicycle use as well. This has been an important reason for the province of North Brabant and the Cooperative Union for the Region of Eindhoven to financially support the development of Bike PRINT.

By developing Bike PRINT, NHTV provides a framework for its ambition to be an entrepreneurial and innovative institution for higher education focusing on developing education and cooperating with industry. NHTV SLM and the Holding are making this commercial step together, from a project to a knowledge product.

You can read the article in Dutch here

Source: Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility

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