NHTV is looking for students who count and question visitors

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How many persons are present in NHTV buildings, and what means of transport do they use? NHTV is looking for students who count visitors and ask them questions (in Dutch).

What do we need?
We need approximately 20 students per day, who will be divided over the NHTV-buildings and given two tasks:

  • Counting the amount of people entering
  • Asking those people how they got to NHTV (bike, car, bus, train, etc.)

When do we need you?

  • Tuesday 23 May     7.30h-12.30h
  • Tuesday 30 May     7.30h-12.30h
  • Tuesday 6 June        7.30h-12.30h

What’s in it for you?
You will be paid €10, – gross per hour (so €50, – for a day)

How to register?
Want to help? Great! Please send your full name, email address and availability (which day(s)) to tellingen@nhtv.nl

Source: Team Mobility

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