NHTV graduates in the labour market

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How are NHTV graduates doing in the labour market? Are they satisfied with their study programme? How do they rate several aspects of their programme? Every year, the HBO-Monitor asks graduates of universities of applied sciences for their opinion. The HBO-Monitor 2016 focuses on the graduates of the academic year 2014-2015.

The management summary of the HBO-Monitor about NHTV graduates is now available. You can read it here (in Dutch). For every aspect, the results are compared to the results of similar study programmes in the country.

Some highlights for NHTV:

  • 6.3% of the graduates is unemployed
  • The gross hourly wage (median) is €12.60
  • 64% says they have (very) many career possibilities
  • 66% is (very) satisfied with their job
  • 80% is (very) satisfied with the study programme
  • 75% would recommend the study programme to family and friends
  • 70% says that the connection between education and work is sufficient/good

It is remarkable that at school level, NHTV scores better than or just as good as comparable study programmes on each and every aspect of the survey.

Source: Strategy, Education and Research Office

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