NHTV at ITB Berlin

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NHTV was present at ITB in Berlin. ITB is the world’s leading travel trade show. Just like NHTV, it started in 1966. On 8 March, NHTV opened the yearly Dutch drink. The visitors sang because of our 50th anniversary.

On the evening of 9 March, about 80 alumni and staff of four academies gathered in the Volksbar Berlin. During this third Alumni Get Together, the NHTV Tourism Innovation Thesis Award was handed out. This is an award for the best bachelor thesis to one of our recent tourism graduates.

Three students were nominated for the award: Demi Bokern, Charlotte Sars and Jorine Vermeer. Demi won, with her thesis “De weg naar millennial-proof voor de reismagazinewereld: de toekomstige online positionering van REIZ& magazine” (you can download her thesis here).

On 10 March, CELTH gave a presentation for the international industry.

Source: Academy for Tourism, Academy for Leisure

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