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Ucademy is an organisation by students who missed certain guidance by their university of applied sciences. Ucademy offers extraordinary modules, free of charge for students. They give insights in people, organisations and yourself. Within these modules you can develop and shape yourself as a person. These modules are trained in an adventurous and playful way, so you will never forget this class and your new insights.

Specially for NHTV students they offer two courses: Intrinsic motivation and Power & Influence. Read more about these courses below and sign-up for free!

Intrinsic motivation
Everyone knows the feeling: from this day beyond I will eat healthy, I will go to the gym and finish my homework this week!! We all want to be on our best every day. But, we let us slay ourselves by the simplest of tasks, something stops you from doing it. Is the lack of motivation or discipline, or is it just the fact you’re distracted easily. In this module we’ll pin down what motivation is, how to get motivation and look beyond you and the stars.

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The course is given from 17:00 till 19:00 hrs on:
28 November
7 December
12 December
19 December

Power & Influence 
Every day we get to face some form of power, in every relation we have. But when do we talk about and discuss power? Power has something obscene. Power might be evil instead. But power is everywhere, who holds the strings of the game? Find out in this module!

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The course is given from 16:00 till 18:00 hrs on:
27 November
4 December
11 December
18 December


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