New national Logistics journal

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In April 2016, KennisDC Logistiek launched a new national journal called Logistiek+. NHTV is a partner of KennisDC Logistiek.Journal-Logistiek+

The six KennisDC Logistiek centres together – each focusing on their own innovative themes – serve the whole of the Netherlands. They use their expertise to help logistics companies in the region set up smarter planning and organising processes. Moreover, they support universities of applied sciences in ‘producing’ smarter graduates who are well in tune with the professional field of logistics. The new journal for applied logistics research is aimed at promoting knowledge exchange between the KennisDC centres mutually, and between the professional field and education.

The journal will be published twice a year. It will also be published digitally on the website of the KennisDC centres. You can read the first issue here (in Dutch).

Source: Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility

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