New book on the role of the local in tourism launched

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A new book on ‘Reinventing the Local in Tourism’, edited by Paolo Russo and Greg Richards (AfL), was published by Channel View last month.Reinventing the Local in Tourism

The launch of the book, that took place in Barcelona last week, was accompanied by a seminar in which academics and local policy makers gave their views on the increasing use of the ‘local’ as the new marker of authenticity in tourism. Many of the authors featured in the book, as well as local opponents of tourism development were present, which resulted in a lively debate. Barcelona is one of the cities that is considering ways to limit tourism growth in the face of problems caused in part by the expansion of ‘Airbnb’ and the ‘sharing economy’. Russo and Richards argue for a more measured response, given that tourism is just one of a wide range of contemporary mobilities affecting the contemporary city.

Source: Academy for Leisure

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