New and improved services

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IM&ICT wishes you all the best for 2018. They have great developments for you during the first months of this year.

January : Student portal 2.0
The new student portal is built on the Office365 foundation and has a clean and simple interface.
It will replace the current student portal.

February : Cum Laude Learning (Upgrade N@tschool)
A major upgrade of N@tschool replacing the outdated look and feel.

March : MyTimetable
A replacement for the current websites providing roster information. It also provides the option to fully integrate your roster into the Office365 calendar.

April : SelfServiceDesk
A major upgrade of the current SelfServiceDesk environment, including much better search results.

May : Information sources
Important student information that is often hard to find will be integrated into the student portal.

You will receive more detailed information about these developments in the weeks and months to come.

Source: IM&ICT

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