Network lunch at Dutch Game Garden Breda

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Dutch Game GardenOn Wednesday 23 March from 12:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs, the next network lunch will take place at Dutch Game Garden Breda, Archimedesstraat 17 (next to the Academy for Leisure). You are invited to come eat a sandwich with us and do some networking with the Dutch games industry!

During the lunch you can take the opportunity to tell the other visitors what you are looking for or what you are offering. Please remind: this is not a presentation, just a short ‘shout out’ moment in which you can tell in 2-3 sentences the reason for attending. Missed your turn? Share your contact details with us.

The network lunch is a popular network meeting so signing up is mandatory. Send an e-mail to with your name, email and number of people attending. Be our guest, play one of the games on display (or play them all) and have lunch with us!

Source: Dutch Game Garden Breda

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