Need a book that isn’t available in the NHTV library

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Are you doing desk research or a literature study, and is the book you are looking for not available in the library collection?

Three options are open to you:

1.Contact the library’s information specialists to find out if it’s possible for the library to purchase the book.

2. Request a copy of the book from another library. You can do so by means of a special account via the Picarta database. For more information, please contact the library at your NHTV location.

3. New: sign up for a membership – at a serious discount – at the largest library of our country: the National Library of the Netherlands!

As an NHTV student, you will pay a special price of €7,50 for a whole year access to, for instance, the very extensive e-book collection of the National Library. Via the E-book Central from the National Library, you can digitally borrow e-books per week. Registrations is possible via this website.

Please note! If you apply for a membership at the National Library, you will be required to use your NHTV e-mail address, because this is how the National Library will be able to verify that you are actually a student of NHTV. If you have any questions or need more information about these options, please send an e-mail to

Source: NHTV Library

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