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Miyo-Deals keeps you updated on its best deals, and gives you tips and insights into everything that is going on within this learning company. So, continue reading!

A month ago we launched the new website of Miyo-Deals by organising the event MIYO MIJOENENJACHT! The reason for this happening is the change of our name and the new direction we chose that fits the target group better.

What we all once knew as Miyo-Travel is from now on known as Miyo-Deals. As our deals proved much more popular than our trips, we changed our focus to day activities and gadgets. But of course we still offer nice travel deals for you!
Besides that Miyo-Deals offers you the best deals, we also give you insight into Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Hotjar and Tradetracker. Access to these accounts will follow soon via email.

Since the MIYO MILJOENENJACHT we have seen great improvements in the statistics of our Facebook page. From now on results can also be measured in Google Analytics. Once you have access to these accounts it will be possible for you to see the results as well!

Interested in our deals or events? Check our website and Facebook page for more information!

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