Logistics Innovation Market

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All fourth-year Logistics students are currently following the Innovation course. To conclude this course they are organising the annual Innovation Market on 3 February.G-gebouw

During this market students will share their ideas. The most important topics are: big data, augmented reality, future distribution packaging and self-driving cars.

Within the Innovation course students went through two phases, in which they mainly had to work individually:  

  • During the first phase, students have conducted research into new trends and developments in the field of logistics. With this as a basis they have painted a picture of the logistics sector in 2035.
  • During the second phase the students generated, through brainstorming and based on the output from phase 1, a large number of innovative ideas. From these ideas they eventually choose one idea. This idea is developed through a business model canvas and will be presented at the innovation market. The students will also ‘pitch’ their ideas in separate rooms.

During the Innovation Market 25 logistical innovations will be presented. This is therefore the place to get inspired by the ‘new generation’!

Event details
The event will take place on 3 February 2016 from 10:00 hrs till 13:00 hrs at the NHTV, G-building (Claudius Prinsenlaan 12, Breda).

Do you want to visit the event? Mail to meaningfulmeetings@nhtv.nl and sign up for this event!

Source: Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility


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