Logistics Community Brabant connects higher education and industry

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NHTV will be a part of the initiative: Logistics Community Brabant (LCB). Recently it was approved by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city of Breda and the Provincial Executive. On 20 September it was officially announced during a press moment.

With this initiative four knowledge institutions (Dutch Defense Academy, Tilburg University, Technical University Eindhoven and NHTV) will work together intensively in the fields of education and research. Also TKI Dinalog will be closely connected. They will combine their powers to supports businesses to accelerate innovation. And also to maintain the knowledge of employees via executive education. ”The cooperation between universities and universities of applied sciences is unique, and isn’t always self-evident” emphasises Alderman of Education of Breda, Miriam Haagh, during the press moment. Provincial Executive Pauli especially sees opportunities for the city of Breda; a place where innovations in logistics are achieved.

LCB offers knowledge products to businesses, like lifelong learning contracts, research, educational partnerships and ‘fresh brains’ (students) who will answer questions the industry might have. Nico van Os said during the launch that ”to connect brains to businesses inversely leads to input for academic and practical research”.

Businesses have been consulted during the development phase of the initiative and have responded with enthusiasm. Jack Zagers, CEO of Otentic Logistics stated: ”I would like to start working with the ‘fresh brains’ of LCB soon, to see what these students could do for my company”.

Logistics Community Brabant will have its own place on the new NHTV Campus. Together the city of Breda and the Province will invest €6 million. The knowledge institutions will all make a contribution in kind, worth €2.4 million, over a period of 8 years. During this period a business model will be developed that should help the community to be self-supporting within 8 years. The LCB is supposed to be operational this year.

Source: Strategy, Education and Research Office

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