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The MR (Dutch abbreviation of NHTV Participation Council) would like to give students the opportunity to present themselves as candidate MR members. Representing your academy is important, because in the MR meetings with the Executive Board agreements are made concerning student policy, strategy, financial policy, accommodation, developments in the areas of research and education and many more issues.

The NHTV Participation Council consists of 12 staff and 12 student members. The term of office of an MR member is 2 years. Student members serve a maximum of 2 terms. Normally the membership starts on 15 November. Although it is January, we still have four student seats available

Academy Total # seats # available seats
ADE 2 0
AfL 3 2
AfT 3 1

Because of their large number of students, AfL and AfT have three seats instead of two. If AfL or AfT can’t deliver all three students, the third seat will be open for all students. The only restriction is that the maximum number of student members per academy is limited to three. Students receive an allowance for their active participation, but more importantly, they will develop new skills and competencies. You can add this valuable experience to your CV.

MR Meetings always take place on Tuesday afternoons. Please note that the documents are often in Dutch and passive knowledge of Dutch (reading and listening) is required. We will of course support you if Dutch is not your native language.

If you are interested in becoming a MR member or if you still have some questions, please feel free to contact Isabel van der Schilden, official secretary of the MR (mr@nhtv.nl). She can also refer you to current MR members to exchange information.

The MR hopes to welcome many new candidates for this interesting position.

Source: NHTV Participation Council

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