Let your voice about NHTV be heard

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Through this message, the MR (Dutch abbreviation of NHTV Participation Council) would like to give students the opportunity to present themselves as candidate members of the MR. Representing your academy is important, because in the meetings of the MR with the Executive Board agreements are made with regard to strategy, financial policy, accommodation, student policy, developments in the area of research and education and many more issues.

Please note that the documents are often in Dutch and Dutch is the common language during the meetings. We will support you if Dutch is not your native language.

The NHTV Participation Council has 12 employee and 12 student members. The following seats will become available for students with effect from 15 November 2017:

  • ADE: 0 students
  • AfL: 2 students
  • AFM/HHM: 2 students
  • AfT: 3 students
  • AUDLM: 1 student (present representative is re-electable)

The term of office of an MR member is 2 years. Student members serve a maximum of 4 years. Meetings of the MR usually take place on Tuesday afternoons.

Students receive an allowance for their active participation, but more importantly, they will develop new skills and competencies.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the MR, but still have some questions, please feel free to contact Isabel van der Schilden, official secretary of the MR (mr@nhtv.nl).

The closing date for presenting yourself as a candidate member will be Friday 27 October 2017 (17 h). Please apply via e-mail to: mr@nhtv.nl.

If there are more candidates (per academy) than seats available, elections will be held on Tuesday 7 November 2017.

There might also be vacancies available on other participation bodies within the academies: academy participation councils or degree programme committees. The degree programme committees are an official participation body with effect from 1 September 2017. For more information on available seats, please contact the management or the chairs of the academy participation councils.

Source: NHTV Participation Council

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