King’s Commissioner 5,000th user of NHTV Cycle Simulator

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On Tuesday 30 June, provincial executive members, board members and the concern-management team of the province of Noord-Brabant visited the city of Breda. Joost de Kruijf of Academy SLM gave them a presentation about the virtual reality cycle simulator (Cycle SPACES) that was developed by NHTV. The King’s Commissioner, Wim van de Donk, was the 5,000th person who got to try out the cycle simulator. This ‘proof-of-concept’ simulator gives users a real-life experience of the inner city cycle superhighway of Breda.

CommissarisThe provincial delegation was welcomed in the Lutheran Church in the inner city of Breda. Municipal executive councillor Akinci (Mobility, Sustainability and Culture) started with a presentation on smart mobility solutions in Breda and the city’s ambitions. Next, Joost de Kruijf of NHTV explained the serious gaming project called ‘Cycle SPACES’ which was developed in cooperation with the province of Noord-Brabant and the city of Breda. The aim of this project is to study, by means of a virtual reality cycle simulator, cyclist experiences of the current and future cycling infrastructure. The project also examines the impact of the environment on the perception of safety, potential health effects, and the emergence of (high-speed) E-Bikes.

The King’s Commissioner, Wim van de Donk (photo above), the provincial executive member for Mobility and Infrastructure, Christophe van der Maat, and cluster director of Environment and Infrastructure, Michèle Klaverdijk, sat down on the bicycle seat wearing 3D glasses, and let themselves be surprised by the realistic representation of the cycle path of the future in Breda.

Velo CityTour de France

At the moment, Cycle SPACES with its cycle simulator is very much in the spotlight. Inventor Joost de Kruijf and project leader Geert de Leeuw of Academy SLM are regularly invited to trade shows and events to demonstrate the cycle simulator.

At the beginning of June, they were a real crowd puller at Europe’s biggest cycling conference,

Vélo City in Nantes (France), later that month visitors of ‘Festival de Beschaving’ in Utrecht had a chance to test the simulator, and at the start of the Tour de France the cycle simulator featured on a VIP Deck in Utrecht. Over the coming months, hard work will be put into the continued development of the simulator.

If you are interested in the project and if you would like to ‘ride’ the simulator yourself, please feel free to contact Joost de Kruijf (

Source: Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility

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