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MRWhy not take some time to think about joining the NHTV Participation Council (MR)?

In November, the terms of several of MR members will expire, which means that there are opportunities for employees and students to join the MR.

Academy for Leisure: 3 student seats will become available, the employee seats have been filled by now.

Academy for Tourism: 1 employee seat will become available, the 3 student seats have already been filled.

Academy for Digital Entertainment: 2 employee seats and 1 student seat.

Academy of Hotel and Facility Management: the term of 1 employee member will expire, but he will stand for re-election and we looking for 1 student who wants to take the place of a student who is going to graduate.

As for the supporting services (GD), both members will resign, 1 of the members will stand for re-election, so here too, there will be room for new members.

All-in all, plenty of seats (and opportunities) to make yourself heard, so if you are interested in becoming an MR member of if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marion Beerta at ( or via the general MR address:

Dutch version (pdf)

Source: Participation Council

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