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Design – the art of forming an idea into something people can experience – can be a part of every discipline in NHTV. During an event on 29 June, there is a chance to meet and discuss the ways we do this, and see what we can share and what we can learn from each other.250x250ADE_Digital-Entertainment

We teach “design” in a variety of forms throughout NHTV as a whole – interactivity design, product design, the design of systems of working, etc. Although the reasons for teaching these topics might be very different from each other, we know there are many universal principles to design: storytelling, affordance, semiotics, language.

This event is intended to explore how we teach design in the various academies, what our views on design are (as NHTV as a whole), and – if we can agree on some of the central principles. Could we perhaps share some resources, or build a single viewpoint on what “design” really means, and how we teach our students to think and behave as “designers”?

On 29 June, from 9:30 to 13:00 hrs, we would meet in the IGAD Discovery Room at the N-building with design teachers from the various academies¬†within NHTV. Within a strict time window, we would each present what we teach with regards to “design thinking”. Afterwards, we will have some time for open and informal discussion on the topic. Can we find ways to improve our teaching methods? Can we share teaching methods and materials? Are there things we can bring together in the field of design?

If you’re interested in joining in the discussion, please get in touch:

Source: Academy for Digital Entertainment

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