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On 15 December, Performatory will open its doors to offer you ‘a taste of education’ and share their experiences. You are welcome to join and discover Performatory!Performatory

Performatory is an innovative and experimental educational environment. As part of the Academy for Leisure, Performatory offers bachelor’s and honours programmes. In the unique learning environment, students and professionals work together.

Eight years ago, Performatory started to look differently at education, namely, from an experience perspective. How to create a learning community in which students, faculty, alumni and the industry are actively involved in each other’s aspirations and learning needs? A place where these people are happy and both physically and non-physically interconnected in a network?

”We have practiced, made mistakes and learned. After eight years we dare to say that we are pretty close. We want to give you the chance to taste it, to learn from your experience and want to help you in your challenges as an educational goal. Hence we will open our doors on 15 December and would like you to offer ‘a taste of education’.”

Please find more information about the programme, the costs and registration in this pdf.

Source: Performatory

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