Join a special theater play in Chassé theater!

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For just 5 euros you can join the special theater play ‘Soof de musical workshop’ in the Chassé theater. The only thing you need to do is help a little during the show. 

You might know Soof from the popular Dutch films. In 2018 she will appear in theaters around the Netherlands. But before it’s this time, you’ll get the chance to witness the special workshop: a laboratory showcase in the midst of the musical creative development process. You will see and experience the very first version of ‘Soof the musical’ and based on your reaction, opinion and experience, the musical is formed by the directors. You and your family and friends will be seated in the deliciously scented kitchen of the Kok-Soof, with beautiful music, a recognisable story and a completely innovative approach. ‘Soof de musical workshop’ is a Dutch theater play.

Do you want more info or tickets? Please contact Johan Oudijk via

Source: Chassé theater

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