Intrinsic Motivation training by Ucademy has started

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Intrinsic motivation, Bildung and self-improvement. These are quite some big terms and most of the people are dealing with these topics daily, even though they might not know about it. On 2 May the Ucademy trainers Mathijs Paul Muilwijk and Marco Meeuwse started their module Intrinsic Motivation at NHTV. They themselves are students, but that didnt stop them from talking, contemplating and teaching other students about Intrinsic & Extrinsic motivation, Bildung and self-improvement.

Perhaps how to be challenged and maintain motivation was the most important topic of the first training. One student said; It was weird to see two students teaching a class, but it made the class very relaxed and playful. It was especially easy to discuss difficult and personal topics because they are on our level. Another student said: I was doubtful about the quality at the start of the course but I didnt mind having students as teachers. They seemed to know what they were doing.

Mathijs and Marco used the combination of experiments, theory and assignments to give the students useful tools on how to maintain motivation, to discover where motivation comes from and how to set and achieve goals. One of the given assignments was to create groups, and write down a higher goal as a ruler of a country. The goal was to spread the ideology behind the higher goal and go for world domination. One of the students suggested to her group to set their goal on including the Dutch delicacy stroopwafel in every meal, in every country.

A student from another group commented after the class had ended: I thought everything would be theoretical, but the course was interactive! These assignments and experiments made it good, it was fun.

It was interesting to see students working together so easily right after meeting each other. I came here because intrinsic motivation interests me a lot. I knew I was going to meet some familiar faces, but meeting new fellow students is always nice. I would really recommend others to come too, I might even invite my roommate. Another student nodded in approval and told the trainers that she is really looking forward to the next training.

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