International recognition for Virtual Reality Cycle Simulator

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The Virtual Reality Cycle Simulator (Cyclespex), developed by NHTV, is one of the winners of the European Transport Innovation Challenge 2017. They received this during the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Congress in Strasbourg. The award is a reward for the unique collaboration between NHTV and the province of North Brabant.

The province of North Brabant has set a goal for itself to become the smartest bike province in the Netherlands by 2020. One of the spearheads in this policy is the creation of fast-track routes to stimulate the use of bicycles in the daily commute.

To achieve this goal, the province has sought cooperation with the Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility. Within the Urban Intelligence programme the Virtual Reality bicycle simulator was developed. Since 2015 multiple researches and projects have been carried out with this simulator. The results of these projects are directly used in the bicycle mobility policy of the province of North Brabant and regional partners.

ITS Congress
The ITS Congress is the largest European meeting for professionals working in intelligent transport and transport systems. A wide range of European investors and policy makers are present at this conference. They are introduced to innovative projects and actively participate in the implementation of these innovations on international level.

Source: Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility

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