International recognition for Facility students

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IFMA scholarshipsEach year the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Foundation awards the world’s best FM students with scholarships in the FM Student Scholarships Program. Out of the 35 scholarships, 4 will be awarded to Dutch FM students this year.

Alexandra Hlawatsch and Ramona Verhees of the NHTV Academy of Facility Management are amongst the chosen few, and will receive scholarships sponsored by respectively ISS and Facility Management Nederland (FMN) in October.

The FM Scholarship Program supports the education of deserving FM students who demonstrate exceptional educational work and activities. Scholarships offered through the IFMA Foundation are worth a minimum of US$1,500, plus US$1,500 to allow the student to attend IFMA’s World Workplace Convention and Expo and for travel, meals, accommodations and other Foundation expenses related to the program.

Source: Academy of Facility Management

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