Innovative research designs: what are we really talking about?

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On 6 September, two Brazilian PhD candidates (Pedro P.S. Martins and Giovanna C. Doricci) will facilitate a workshop on innovative methods for research/intervention. You are welcome to join this workshop, which will be held in H1.004 from 12:00 till 14.00h.First-meeting-Designing-Conversations-Brazil

What counts as innovation, and for whom? In this workshop, we will look for ways of pursuing innovation in the context of the most basic, taken-for-granted activities of research. We will explore different ways to look at research and how innovating in this field is not about creating something entirely new, but rather about making new connections between what is already there. You will learn how these connections can be accomplished by means of paying close attention to daily practices.

Two illustrations will be provided to make the point clear: the design of a data collection, which is based on a PhD study; and, the production of one’s own analytical procedures. Participants will have a chance to reflect and explore possibilities of innovation in their own research designs, in the context of these ideas.

This workshop is a partnership between LAPEPG and Designing Conversations Lab, supported by University of Sao Paulo, the Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), and NHTV Breda.

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