IMEM alumna makes documentary

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International Media and Entertainment Management alumna Charlotte Driessen started her own film production company called C Amazing Films. She is currently producing a documentary about living with a child with a Bohring Opitz syndrome and you can help her by supporting her crowdfunding campaign!

KULUUT – A documentary about living with a child with a syndrome, but most of all: “the happiness of a syndrome”.

Cover_CinecrowdIn 2012 Coen, my 4 year old nephew, was diagnosed with the Bohring Opitz Syndrome: a rare genetic disorder with which only 40 children worldwide are known with. The word ‘syndrome’ is often negatively associated. Therefore it’s even more extraordinary that we are going to highlight the positivity of a syndrome in this film. In this documentary I am going to explore how this special family gets their happiness and strength.

ScreenshotCastIn a way I am going to have conversations with this family while doing ordinary activities. For example: we are going to ride our bikes through the beautiful scenery of Limburg to the Maas. Coen has a special bicycle trailer and he is enjoying the sun shining through the plastic cover. We will cross the river using the ferry and will have a seat at a picnic bench on the other side. I will be on camera as well, in order to create the vision of a real conversation and therefore create the delusion that the camera’s aren’t there. I will ask personal, intimate and profound questions, but we will also discuss light subjects like happy family memories. Beautiful images are an important factor in this documentary. Happiness can be found in the smallest things, therefore it is important to capture this in images as well. An example is a butterfly fluttering away. This message will even be increased by capturing the contrast as well: filming an EEG for example. However, the focus will be on happiness, strength and positivity and by doing this, we will touch our audience. Even though the conversations won’t be fully worked out on beforehand (to keep it spontaneous), there will be a clear thread recognizable which will link the images. Besides this, there is a special trip to Los Angeles planned. There we will have a meeting with Dr. John Graham, one of the few doctors who is actively involved in research on the syndrome. It is a wish of the family to meet him and maybe get more clarity. Also during this trip, the delusion will be created that the camera’s aren’t there. This meeting won’t be the only thing that we will film during this trip, also the trip itself and making new memories will be filmed. There is even an option to arrange a meeting with other families with a child with the same syndrome.

Charlotte bijgesnedenCharlotte Driessen
I recently graduated IMEM at NHTV and started my own film production company C Amazing Films. Besides being a film maker and director, as said I am also the cousin of the family. I have a very strong connection with all four of them and that is also the reason why they want to open up to me in front of the camera and therefore share their happiness and strength with the world.

Do you want to be part of this film?!
I am making this film together with Marvin Beumers and Joardy Tummers (Subtiel). However, we will need a lot of money to realize this and therefore we started a crowdfunding campaign via CineCrowd.

And now… we need your help! Check how you can be part of this on CineCrowd! Please support us and share the link and the love! Thank you!

Also check the Facebook page to stay up to date!

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